Services in english

Would you like services in english? No problem, give me a ring or email and let's figure out your needs for electrical services.

Electrical installations in Tampere area.

My usual work sites are modifications and new installations in private houses and commercial spaces, as well as kitchen renovation electricals according to client's requirements.

More demanding troubleshooting and repair works also as requested.

Price list


Minimum charge

Rate per hour

VAT 0%                                 +VAT 24%

80,00 eur                              99,20 eur

43,00 eur                               53,32 eur

Travel time rate

when travel time to work destination exceeds one hour

VAT 0%                                 +VAT 24%

36,00 eur                               44,64 eur

Rate per km

VAT 0%                                 +VAT 24%

50 cnt/km                           62 cnt/km